The National Conclave of Grady Graduate Nurses is an organization of professional nurse graduates of Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Its main purposes are:

To preserve the legacy of Mrs. Ludie Andrews, founder of the Municipal Training School for Colored Nurses at Grady Hospital, and

To provide scholarships for students in nursing or health related fields.

In 1917, the first class of the Municipal Training School for Colored Nurses entered Grady Hospital, where a school for white nurses had been founded in 1898.  Organized and initially supervised by African American nurses, the training school was administered by the 'program by whites' after 1923.  In 1946, when Grady Hospital became part of the Fulton-Dekalb Hospital Authority, the school was renamed Grady Hospital of Nursing.  Grady Hospital maintained two separate programs for Black and White nurses until its integration in 1964.  The nursing school was closed in 1982.